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Symbol key

  • Gather & Interpret dataGather & Interpret data
  • Use evidenceUse evidence
  • Critique evidenceCritique evidence
  • Interpret representationsInterpret representations
  • Engage with scienceEngage with science
  • Understanding about scienceUnderstanding about science
  • Investigating in scienceInvestigating in science
  • Communicating in scienceCommunicating in science
  • Participating and contributingParticipating and contributing
  • Living worldLiving world
  • Material worldMaterial world
  • Physical worldPhysical world
  • Planet Earth and beyondPlanet Earth and beyond

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Look Out for Monarchs Capability: Gather & Interpret data NoS achievement aims: Investigating in science Contextual strands: Living world Level : 2

Author: B. Brockie.  Connected 2013 - I Spy

This article describes what scientists are doing to find out about the distances butterflies fly and where they go in winter. It explains what citizen scientists can do to help biologists and ecologists make observations and collect data.

PDF icon. Look Out for Monarchs Teacher Support Material (PDF 3 MB)

Word 2007 icon. Look Out for Monarchs Teacher Support Material (Word 2007 2 MB)

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