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Engage with science

This capability requires students to use the other capabilities to engage with science in real life contexts. It involves students taking an interest in science issues, participating in discussions about science and at times taking action.

The dimensions of this capability can be demonstrated when students engage in discussions about science issues, including those in the media. If these discussions attend to, and build on the ideas of others; emphasize logical connections and the drawing of reasonable conclusions; and the speakers endeavour to make explicit the evidence behind their claims then students have the opportunity to practise playing “game of science”. (Resnick, Michaels, & O’Connor, 2010). This allows them to deepen their understanding of what science is.

Students also need opportunities to be actively engaged in exploring real life science issues that are relevant to them and their communities. This could involve building new knowledge with others, and taking action to address local/ global concerns.

Opportunities to learn at different curriculum levels  – Considerations for teachers to provide further challenges within learning activities to support learners to become increasingly capable.

Level 1 - 4

Level 5 - 6

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