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Use evidence

Science is a way of explaining the world. Science is empirical and measurable. This means that in science, explanations need to be supported by evidence that is based on, or derived from, observations of the natural world. Students should be encouraged to ask and answer questions such as:

  • How do you know that?
  • What makes you think so?
  • How could you check that?
  • So an example of this would be...
  • Can you think of an example when this wouldn’t work?

At the very core of science is theory building – making better explanations. What sets scientific explanations apart from other ways of explaining the world is their reliance on evidence and their ability to evolve as new evidence comes to light. 

Scientifically literate citizens understand the importance of a sceptical disposition towards all empirical evidence and the role of argument (in science) and critique in the construction of knowledge in science.

Opportunities to learn at different curriculum levels  – Features typical of level 1/2 tasks are contrasted with those students might encounter at level 5. A mix of the aspects in the task design will determine its overall difficulty level for students.

Level 1-4

Level 5

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