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Welcome to Science Online

This site is for primary and secondary teachers of science.

Student reading science textbook.
Nautilus image from NZ Curriculum

The New Zealand Curriculum sets the direction for science learning and provides a framework for your local curriculum.

This section explains the science learning area structure and contains the resource, Science in NZ Curriculum: Understanding progress from levels 2 to 4 which supports curriculum leaders to ensure your local science curriculum provides coherent pathways between years 4 and 8.

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The science learning area in the New Zealand Curriculum promotes the idea of developing citizenship capabilities. Students (citizens) need to be ready, willing, and able to use their science knowledge.

This section unpacks the five science capabilities, and provides a searchable catalogue of teaching resources that show you how to weave the nature of science strand and the key competencies into science teaching and learning.

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The nature of science is the overarching, unifying strand. Through it, students learn what science is and how scientists work.

This section unpacks the four nature of science achievement aims for teachers. It contains a searchable series of teaching activities for curriculum levels 1-8, using resources supplied to all schools. The activities have been adapted to meet the nature of science aims. 

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Practical support for teaching science and classroom organisation to help you develop your classroom science programme.

This section contains:

  • teaching strategies and approaches that are aligned to curriculum directions
  • assessment resources
  • information about ethics
  • information to support purchasing science equipment, including suppliers and services.

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Resources on this page support science learning in The New Zealand curriculum.

  • Building Science Concepts series
  • Science capability teaching resources
  • Nature of science teaching activities
  • NZ organisations teaching resources which are based on the NZ Curriculum
  • NZ school literacy resources promoting science literacy
  • NZ library resources

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There are many organisations that support school science with relevant, accessible material and opportunities for participation.

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