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Welcome to Science Online

This site is for primary and secondary teachers of science.

Student reading science textbook.

Science capabilities for citizenship

The science learning area in the New Zealand Curriculum promotes the idea of developing citizenship capabilities. Students (citizens) need to be ready, willing, and able to use their science knowledge.

Begin by identifying what your students already know and introduce scientific knowledge, skills, and attitudes in contexts which are relevant and familiar to the students. 

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Science learning area structure of the New Zealand Curriculum makes clear the importance of the Nature of Science.

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What practical support for teaching science and classroom organisation could help us put our science programmes into practice?

This section looks at teaching strategies and approaches that are aligned to curriculum directions.

Here you can also find reference material such as an English/Māori science dictionary and practical advice about ethics, science equipment and software.

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Build off student’s knowledge and science and connect with students' interests.

Bring science to life and help them see the real-world connections and applications.

On this page:

  • organisations and teaching resources
  • literacy and numeracy apt for Science [print resources with online support]
  • libraries resources and tools 
  • additional useful sites.

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Your students need to see the relationship of their science learning to the world around them.

When you help them do this, you let them see its relevance to their lives.

Many organisations support school science with relevant, accessible material and opportunities to participate in science.

These real world contexts can give you students opportunities to use their growing knowledge in meaningful ways.

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