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Teaching science

This section contains practical information and supports for assessing your learners and planning teaching approaches that are aligned to curriculum directions.

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These reports for kaiako, teachers, and leaders identify where schools are doing well, and highlight opportunities to increase the impact of science teaching and learning. They provide practical guidance and inspiration through practice examples.

Science in primary schools: A guide for leaders (ERO, 2021)

Science in primary schools: A guide for teachers (ERO, 2021)

Shining a light in the early years: Early childhood and years 1-4 (ERO, 2021)

Growing curiosity teaching strategies to engage years 5 to 11 students in science (ERO, 2021)

Science in secondary schools: A guide for teachers (ERO, 2021)

Using models, investigation, and enquiry are some of the strategies and approaches discussed here. This section also includes a discussion about the "school science - working science" continuum.

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This section contains assessment resources for primary and secondary learners.

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This section contains information and advice on legal and ethical obligations when using or observing animals in science programmes, and a tool for promoting ethical thinking.

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The Science Toolbox lists practical equipment that primary schools might find useful for investigating in science. Suggestions about organisation, safety equipment, and field trip kits is included.

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Advice on care of various common animals suitable for classroom or early childhood education (ECE) centre care.

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