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Symbol key

  • Gather & Interpret dataGather & Interpret data
  • Use evidenceUse evidence
  • Critique evidenceCritique evidence
  • Interpret representationsInterpret representations
  • Engage with scienceEngage with science
  • Understanding about scienceUnderstanding about science
  • Investigating in scienceInvestigating in science
  • Communicating in scienceCommunicating in science
  • Participating and contributingParticipating and contributing
  • Living worldLiving world
  • Material worldMaterial world
  • Physical worldPhysical world
  • Planet Earth and beyondPlanet Earth and beyond

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Tidal Communities: Interdependence and the Effects of Change Capability: Engage with science NoS achievement aims: Understanding about science Contextual strands: Living world Level : 3,4

Building Science Concepts, Book 22

In this booklet a key idea is that beach ecosystems are a balance of living and non-living elements, which interact with each other. The activities in this booklet also provide excellent opportunities for developing science capabilities. For example:

Existing questions/ activity


P10. Activity 1. Students match pictures of living things commonly found in beach environments with pictures of different sorts of beaches.

To strengthen the capability Gather and Interpret data ask students to carefully describe the observable features of the living things in the pictures.

To strengthen the capability Use evidence to support ideas ask students how they know their match is correct.

P11 Activity 2. Students visit a beach and identify as many different living things as they can. They also make drawings of the living things they find.

To strengthen the capability Critique evidence ask students how sure they are their identifications are correct. How could they check? Which are the most common living things? How do they know? How could they check?

To strengthen the capability Interpret representations of science ideas encourage the students to look carefully at the drawings they have made. How accurate are they? What do the pictures show and not show? Do the pictures give a sense of the size of the living thing? How? Why is it important for these sketches to be accurate?

P15 Activity 2. Students make a beach protection charter. This activity provides opportunities to strengthen their capabilities to Engage with science.

What’s important here?

If the intent is to provide opportunities to strengthen capabilities this needs to be made explicit to the students.