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Other classroom and early childhood centre (ECE) pets


It is important that chickens receive adequate food, water, and warmth and that they are stroked rather than handled excessively.


You can't keep native frogs because they are endangered. Non-native New Zealand frogs can be bought from pet stores or garden centers or collected from the wild as spawn or tadpoles. 

Frogs need a closed tank, because they can climb glass and jump out of the water. Closed tanks also stop live insect food from escaping. Glass or plastic containers make good tanks but at least one of the sides or the top needs to be made of mesh to let air in. 

Science Learning Hub | Frogs for the future?

Monarch butterflies

Monarch butterflies (Kakahu) are New Zealand’s largest butterfly and have been here since the late 1800s. 

Raise monarchs inside or in a sheltered position outside so they are protected from the wind. At certain stages in their development (when very small, shedding their skin as caterpillars and when they have just emerged as butterflies) they are very fragile and vulnerable and it is important that they are not handled at these times as they may die as a result.