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Book 14: Making Porridge: Conducting Heat and Cooking Food

Levels: 1-2
Contextual strands: Physical world icon. Physical world


This book introduces concepts about heat energy that can be illustrated by the preparation of a familiar breakfast cereal. It focuses on differences in temperature and the way in which these are used in cooking technology. Other familiar foods can be used in place of porridge, for example, a hot chocolate drink or soup. The concepts covered in this book are developed further in Heat on the Move (Book 36 in this series), the companion book at levels 3 and 4 for this topic.

Concept overview

Use the concept overview, which is also on the inside front cover of the book, as a reference for the concepts that relate to Making Porridge: Conducting Heat and Cooking Food.

PDF icon. Read the concept overview (PDF 566 KB)

Links with other titles in the series

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Assessment resources

Search the science section of the Assessment Resource Banks (ARB) website to find resources that assess the 'big idea' learning outcomes referred to in the concept overview for this title.