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Book 35: Is This a Plant?: Introducing the Plant Kingdom

Levels: 1-2
Contextual strands: Living world icon. Living world


Most young children are familiar with a variety of plants, and you can build on their experiences to help them understand ideas about plant groups. In some cases, however, this familiarity can lead to confusion over what is a plant and what is not. This book and Is This an Animal? , Book 39, are designed to address children's ideas about living things and to provide building blocks for understanding classification patterns for groupings of plants and animals.

Concept overview

Use the concept overview, which is also on the inside front cover of the book, as a reference for the concepts that relate to Is This a Plant?: Introducing the Plant Kingdom.

PDF icon. Read the concept overview (PDF 192 KB)

Links with other titles in the series

The concepts are developed further in the companion book:

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Assessment resources

Search the science section of the Assessment Resource Banks (ARB) website to find resources that assess the 'big idea' learning outcomes referred to in the concept overview for this title.