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Issue and retrieval of materials

A system should be established for issuing and retrieving science materials from storage. Many schools use a reservations book and/or library cards to keep track of these materials.

Teacher aides or parent helpers could be delegated responsibility for monitoring the issue and retrieval of materials as well as for monitoring stock levels. A whiteboard or sheet of poster paper on the door of the storage area can be used for teachers to note items that need replenishing or repairing.

Resources should be checked regularly to ensure that enough stocks are held and that equipment is in good repair. Chemicals may need to be checked for expiry dates. (For more information, see the printed version, page 40 of Safety and Science: A Guidance Manual for New Zealand Schools. This task can often be delegated.

Students can be trained as monitors to be responsible for the daily management of materials in classrooms.

Each classroom should have a secure cabinet or cupboard where materials or ongoing activities can be kept. Teachers must have ready access to replacement items (in case of breakage or loss) without having to leave the classroom.