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Suggestions for use


  • Budget retail stores
  • Garden centres
  • Paint shops
  • Use for all science activities.

Spread on floor to protect carpet.

Plastic sheeting can also be used.

  • Scientific suppliers
  • Camera shops
  • Astronomy
  • Lenses

Binoculars are more useful for stargazing.

Make your own telescope or binoculars with a ruler and lenses.

Test tube holders
  • Scientific suppliers
  • For holding hot test tubes
Alternatively, use folded paper strips or bent wire.
Test tube racks
  • Scientific suppliers
  • For storing test tubes safely
Test tube brushes
  • Scientific suppliers
  • For cleaning test tubes

Test tubes

(25 mm x 150 mm with rim)

  • Scientific suppliers
  • Holding substances
  • Heating and mixing

Test tubes are available from a university glass blower.

Polypropylene test tubes may also be available.


(red spirit, 300 mm)

  • Scientific suppliers
  • Measuring temperature

Do not use for stirring.

Do not use over a naked flame.

  • Budget retail stores
  • Appliance stores
  • Light
  • Shadows
  • Electric circuits
  • Models of the sun


(PVC non-toxic, black, thin wall-tube)

30 m coil, 3.2 mm internal diameter

30 m coil, 5.5 mm internal diameter

  • Scientific suppliers
  • Hospitality industry suppliers
  • Pet shops
  • Garden suppliers
  • Construction
  • Models
  • Animal studies
Tuning forks
  • Music shops
  • Scientific suppliers
  • Sound
Use a length of metal rod held at the centre instead.
Tweezers and forceps
  • Pharmacists
  • Scientific suppliers
  • Examining things
  • Dissections
  • Picking up small objects