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Suggestions for use


Dishes, Petri
  • Scientific suppliers
  • Growing micro-organisms
  • Displaying things
  • Studies of small animals and micro-organisms

Petri dishes can be re-used.

Some processed cheese containers could be used instead.

Electric frypans
  • Appliance stores
  • Second-hand shops
  • Use as a heat source or as an incubator for cultures.
Electric jugs
  • Appliance stores
  • Second-hand shops
  • For heating purposes
Eyedroppers / Pasteur pipettes
  • Scientific suppliers
  Pasteur pipettes are plastic, graduated, and inexpensive droppers.

Filter funnels

(plastic, polypropylene, 25 mm)

  • Scientific suppliers
  • Plastic-goods retailers
  • Separation by filtering
The top third of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) soft drink bottles are a satisfactory alternative.
Glass samples
  • Glass suppliers
  • Investigations of light
    and colour
Ensure that edges of samples are filed or fired.


(Polycarbonate construction)

  • Scientific suppliers
  • Engineering or construction suppliers
  • Hardware shops
  • For safety when heating
  • For safety in any impact situations, such as breaking rocks or collision activities