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How to care for worms


  • Feed worms once or twice a week.
  • Make a shallow hole in the bedding and place finely chopped kitchen scraps in the hole. Worms cannot eat large chunks of food.
  • Worms will eat any leftover food, but avoid meat, cheese, and other animal products because such food smells as it decays and can attract rats.
  • Add crushed eggshells at least once a week because they contain nutrients that worms need.
  • Cover the scraps with bedding and put them in a different place each time.
  • Each day, one worm will eat about half the amount of its body weight.

Handling and health

  • Monitor the temperature in the bin and the amount of food and water the worms have been given. Check that the bedding remains moist.
  • Refresh the bedding several times a year. In two to three months, worms will eat through their bedding and build up a large number of castings. If the bin has too many castings in it, the worms will get sick.
  • Before changing the bedding, you first need to remove the worms. To do this, dump the contents of the worm bin onto a large plastic sheet and sort it into little piles. Brush some of the soil off each pile. As they are exposed to the light, the worms will move to the centre of each pile, enabling you to pick them up and place them in a clean container. Do the same for each pile until all the soil has been removed.
  • Refill the bin with fresh bedding and gently place the worms onto the surface. You can use the old soil as compost in the garden.