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Book 2: Weathering and Erosion: The Shaping of Our Landscape

Levels: 3-4
Contextual strands: Planet Earth and beyond icon. Planet Earth and beyond


"Weathering" and "erosion" are terms that describe the basic processes of everyday wear and tear on the rocks, soils, and vegetation of our landscape. Studying them offers us readily accessible evidence of how the surface of planet Earth has been, and is being, shaped and changed.

Most New Zealand students are easily able to observe the effects of weathering and erosion in their immediate environment (for example, the formation of beaches and natural landmarks) and some may be aware of strategies for environmental protection. These observations form a good starting point for teaching about the processes involved and the science of these processes and effects. The suggested activities include the use of fair testing.

Concept overview

Use the concept overview, which is also on the inside front cover of the book, as a reference for the concepts that relate to Weathering and Erosion: The shaping of our landscape.

PDF icon. Read the concept overview (PDF 181 KB)

Links with other titles in the series

Assessment resources

Search the science section of the Assessment Resource Banks (ARB) website to find resources that assess the 'big idea' learning outcomes referred to in the concept overview for this title.