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Book 40: Earthquakes: Feeling the Earth Move

Levels: 3-4
Contextual strands: Planet Earth and beyond icon. Planet Earth and beyond


Earthquakes are commonly studied in schools, mostly as part of the social studies curriculum, their disastrous effects on populations being the topic of interest. This book focuses on the processes that drive earthquakes and the way in which these processes contribute to the constant change of the Earth.

Concept overview

Use the concept overview, which is also on the inside front cover of the book, as a reference for the concepts that relate to Earthquakes: Feeling the Earth Move.

PDF icon. Read the concept overview (PDF 57 KB)

Links with other titles in the series

Earthquakes may be used in conjunction with the following level 3–4 books:

  • Book 12: Volcanoes (L3–4, Planet Earth and Beyond)
    which describes the tectonic plates and the "Pacific Ring of Fire"
  • Book 42: Marbles (L3–4, Physical World)
    which describes forces, including friction

Assessment resources

Search the science section of the Assessment Resource Banks (ARB) website to find resources that assess the 'big idea' learning outcomes referred to in the concept overview for this title.