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Book 3: Birds: Structure, Function, and Adaptation

Levels: 1-4
Contextual strands: Living world icon. Living world


Birds can be observed in our everyday environment. The physical features that make these animals birdlike are obvious, and the ways in which these features work and help birds to suit their environment can be readily investigated.

This book focuses on the common birds of towns and gardens, local bush, waterways, and coasts, including both introduced and native New Zealand birds. These birds show how their various physical features, adaptations, and lifestyles enable them to survive in environments in which people's influence figures strongly.

Concept overview

Use the concept overview, which is also on the inside front cover of the book, as a reference for the concepts that relate to Birds: Structure, Function, and Adaptation.

PDF icon. Read the concept overview (PDF 178 KB)

Links with other titles in the series

Assessment resources

Search the science section of the Assessment Resource Banks (ARB) website to find resources that assess the 'big idea' learning outcomes referred to in the concept overview for this title.