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Symbol key

  • Gather & Interpret dataGather & Interpret data
  • Use evidenceUse evidence
  • Critique evidenceCritique evidence
  • Interpret representationsInterpret representations
  • Engage with scienceEngage with science
  • Understanding about scienceUnderstanding about science
  • Investigating in scienceInvestigating in science
  • Communicating in scienceCommunicating in science
  • Participating and contributingParticipating and contributing
  • Living worldLiving world
  • Material worldMaterial world
  • Physical worldPhysical world
  • Planet Earth and beyondPlanet Earth and beyond

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Elephant Toothpaste Capability: Use evidence NoS achievement aims: Investigating in science Contextual strands: Material world Level : 3

Author: N. Reid and R. Bartholomew.  Connected 2014 - Why Is That?

A class arrives at school to find their room transformed into a laboratory and their teacher transformed into an animal dental hygiene scientist. This text provides a model of teaching science and engaging students with an interesting, slightly wacky topic. It focuses on chemical reactions that make things bubble.