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Teacher suggestions: Understanding about science

Click on 'learn more' to access explanation, examples and questions for teacher reflection related to each theme. For teaching activities related to Understanding about Science go to Nature of Science Teaching Activities and order activities by Nature of Science Achievement Aims.

Exploring science ideas

  • Scientists turn their science ideas into questions that can be investigated, learn more
  • Scientists’ observations are influenced by their science ideas, learn more
  • Scientists’ investigations are influenced by their communities, learn more
  • Scientists’ predictions are based on their existing science knowledge, learn more
  • Scientists design investigations to test their predictions, learn more
  • Many different approaches and methods are used to build scientific investigations, learn more
  • When scientists carry out investigations they aim to collect adequate data, learn more
  • Scientists think critically about the results of their investigations, learn more

Forming scientific explanations

  • Scientific explanations may involve creative insights, learn more
  • There may be more than one explanation for the results of an investigation, learn more
  • Scientific explanations may be in the form of a model, learn more
  • When an explanation correctly predicts an event, confidence in the explanation as science knowledge is increased, learn more

Science knowledge

  • Scientific explanations must withstand peer review before being accepted as science knowledge, learn more
  • New scientific explanations often meet opposition from other individuals and groups, learn more
  • Over time, the types of science knowledge that are valued change, learn more
  • All science knowledge is, in principle, subject to change, learn more

The culture of science

● Open-mindedness is important to the culture of science, learn more
● Scientific progress comes from logical and systematic work, and also through creative insights, learn more
● Science interacts with other cultures, learn more