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Teacher suggestions: Communicating in science

Achievement aim: Students will develop knowledge of the vocabulary, numeric and symbol systems, and conventions of science, and use this knowledge to communicate about their own and others’ ideas.

These resources provide ideas and information to support teaching the strand: Communicating in science.

Online resources

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NZCER | Communicating in science resources

A search result with all the NZCER downloadable classroom resources that support participating and contributing in science.

NZCER | Language of Science (Specialised language)

Using Language, symbols and texts is one of the five key competencies outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum. The importance of language is also reflected in the science curriculum strand Communicating in science. The teacher's role is to help students build bridges between their known and familiar ways of using language, and academic ways of using language.


Cover of Kick-starting the Nature of Science

Kick-Starting the Nature of Science

Published by NZCER (available for purchase).

All aspects of this strand are covered: Understanding about science; Investigating in science; Communicating in science; and Participating and contributing. The authors ask a key question, “what might Understanding about science look like in the classroom?” and then go on to suggest many practical activities.