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Building Science Concepts

This series of 64 books published by the Ministry of Education is designed to help primary teachers build students’ science concepts in the contextual strands. You can:

  • select topics from the list of titles that fit with your school curriculum
  • use the science notes in the book to refresh your science understanding of the topic and to gain awareness of potential misconceptions that the students may bring to the topic
  • use the diagnostic activities in the book to find out what the students already think and why they think that
  • use the book's concept overview PDF to decide what the students need to think about next
  • select activities in the book that will support the intended learning, adapting them to suit the learners
  • include activities from other resources that also help develop the selected concepts, as appropriate
  • make decisions, based on the time available and the readiness of the learners, about how far to progress through the concept overview.

The pedagogical ideas behind the series, based on research into how children learn, are described here. Reading about and reflecting on these ideas will be useful for all teachers of science regardless of whether or not they are using this series.

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A table of titles which allows teachers to search by level and contextual strand is included in this section. Each title has an associated concept overview in PDF format.

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