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Vivarium diagram

Vivarium diagram.

ambient temperature range 20–30°C

  • varied diet
  • 0.5–1 cm-sized cubes of food
  • preferably feed in second tank
  • replace half water twice weekly; allow chlorine to evaporate
  • clean every two weeks.

Vivarium diagram explanation

A glass tank measuring at least 150 cm x 60cm x 60cm is shown. The a cover is not glass or watertight and has a full spectrum light and timer. There is a tank air thermometer and a water heater. A water pump is attached to the tank and needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly. A water thermometer is also attached to the inside of the glass. On the floor of the tank there is washed gravel, small rocks, and rocks that protrude from the water, and a ramp for access to water or land. Ideally there is a separate feeding tank. Diet should be varied and provided in 0.5- to 1-cm sized cubes. Half the water should be replaced twice weekly and the chlorine allowed to evaporate after refilling. The tank needs cleaning every two weeks. Ambient temperature range for terrapins 20–30°C.