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Interesting facts about rats

  • Rats come in many varieties and colours.
  • Before puberty, two males or two females will usually live together happily in one large cage. However, a single rat may live happily provided it has enough human companionship.
  • Rats are rodents and have open-rooted teeth, and so constant wear is necessary to maintain good dentition.
  • Rats live from two to four years.
  • The female rat may breed as early as six to twelve weeks of age.
  • Gestation is twenty-one to twenty-three days, and the average litter is six to fourteen babies.
  • Baby rats are born with their eyes closed and are helpless, and so it is important not to disturb the nest at this time. Their eyes open at twelve to seventeen days, and they are weaned when they are twenty-one days old.
  • Females may mate immediately after the birth of a litter, and so as one litter is weaned, the next litter is born.
  • Males reach puberty at six to twelve weeks of age.
  • At four to five weeks of age you can determine the gender of the young and segregate the males from the females.