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Interesting facts about guinea pigs

  • Guinea pigs are small, nocturnal, grazing rodents from the Andes mountains in South America. In their natural habitat, they live in social family groups. Because they are social, it is best to keep two to three animals of the same gender.
  • There are many different breeds with fur of different lengths. Long-coated varieties need regular grooming.
  • Guinea pigs have open-rooted teeth that continue to grow, and so they need constant wear to maintain good dentition.
  • Female guinea pigs weigh 700–900 grams, and males weigh 900–1200 grams.
  • A guinea pig's lifespan is three to six years.
  • Although females (sows) may breed at under twelve weeks of age, it is best to wait until they are at least four to six months old. Males (boars) reach puberty at three to four months old.
  • Gestation is sixty-three to sixty-eight days. The babies are born fully developed, with fur and teeth and with their eyes and ears open. The average litter size is three to four, and sows may mate and conceive again within six to eight hours of giving birth.