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Hutch diagram

Hutch diagram.

optimum temperature range 18–23°C

  • bring indoors during winter at night
  • subdued lighting preferred.

Hutch diagram explanation

The wooden hutch 100cm X 50cm X 40cm high shown is the minimum size for two guinea pigs. One third of the hutch is for sleeping quarters and has warm, dry overlay (hay or straw) for sleeping or hiding. Above the sleeping third of the hutch is a hinged lid. The remaining two thirds of the cage is an open run with strong wire mesh to protect the guinea pigs from predators. Inside the hutch there are objects for gnawing, lining to absorb urine, and litter to cover faeces.

There is a feeding dish for vegetables or hay – uneaten food should be removed. There is small feeding trough attached to the side bars containing dry pellets – the guinea pigs base diet. Also attached to the sidebars on the opposite side of the cage is a water tube that should be washed daily. The hutch should be brought indoors in winter and subdued lighting is preferred. Optimum temperature for guinea pigs is 18–23°C.