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How to care for goldfish


  • Feed the fish once a day, using commercially available goldfish flakes or granules.
  • Feed only amounts that can be eaten within a few minutes because uneaten food decomposes on the bottom, increasing the ammonia levels in the tank.
  • Remember to make arrangements for feeding outside school and ECE centre hours and during weekends and holidays.


  • Learn what is normal behaviour for fish and check them daily.
  • Fish can and do get sick, often because of their environmental conditions. Consult a veterinarian about this.
  • Beware of ammonia build-up, which is toxic to fish. Ammonia is the main metabolic waste product of fish, and it also comes from decomposing food and other organic material. Increased levels of ammonia can also be caused by overcrowding, overfeeding, high water pH, warm water, and new tanks that haven't had time to develop good populations of nitrifying bacteria. Ammonia levels can be controlled with a good water flow, regular water changes, and not overfeeding the fish.