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Aquarium diagram

Goldfish aquarium.
  • remove and replace one-third water every two weeks
  • allow chlorine to evaporate when refilling tank after cleaning.

Aquarium diagram explanation

The glass tank 60cm x 45cm x 40cm high shown is a good starting size. It must have a cover to keep out predators and be kept out of direct sunlight. A small square aeration system is shown outside the tank with two tubes leading into the tank – ventilation is important. A small filter pump is shown leading into the tank to a tube that needs regular filter changes. Inside the tank there is washed gravel on the tank floor and rocks and plants to provide shelter and assist filtration. Every two weeks one third of the water should be removed and replaced. When refilling the tank after cleaning the chlorine needs time to evaporate. There is a jar of fish food outside the tank to show the fish need daily feeding with commercial fish food.