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Tank diagram

Tank diagram.

temperature range 20–30°C

  • ventilation is important.

Tank diagram explanation

A rectangular glass tank 60cm x 30cm x 60cm high is shown. It has a wooden framed lid and eighty percent of the lid is shade cloth or plastic – ventilation is important There is a light above the tank to show artificial heat is needed in winter. A mist spray bottle on the tank shows the tank needs a daily mist in warm weather and less in cooler weather. Half the inside of the tank is a raised box with friable soil about 50–60mm deep on the base. In the box are rocks and twigs and a piece of wood provides a bridge from the cage floor to the box. There is a small circular water lid for water on the ground and a larger one for food. Crickets are omnivorous so grass, fruit, and meat need to be provided. Temperature range for crickets is 20–30°C.